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Rates and Services

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Potty Breaks and Playtime


 Available in the Eagle River area


If your pups are at home all day while you work I can come over and let them out to stretch their legs, to potty and have some play time in your yard with toys, balls, and frisbees. You wont have to come home on your lunch break or rush home after work.

If you so choose and they are up to date on all vaccinations I can bring over my dogs to play with them in your fenced yard for even more vigorous exercise and socialization. Dogs that are well behaved and come when called can go on car rides to a field to play fetch in and romp with their friends or to another dogs fenced yard if you do not have one.

I've found that dogs who get to run off leash and have friendships are more satisfied and get more exercise than with leash walking alone.

All poop from that days group play session is picked up so you are not left with any extra to clean up. 

I occasionally text pictures of your dogs at play so you can enjoy the fun and see their friends (if the group play is chosen in services)

I've been in business full time for 6 years and am confident and experienced with groups of dogs and helping them learn to socialize, as well as positively reinforcing your training program and appropriate play behavior and social skills.

Dog potty breaks and playtime are a $15 a day, with a minimum of 4 days a week sign up required.





Pet Sitting 

House calls to feed, water, medicate, and play with your pets in the comfort of your home while providing them with lots of love and attention. All animals are welcome, even horses and reptiles.

Dogs can have potty breaks and play time outside in your yard and lots of snuggles and attention inside your home while they are being fed and cared for. If you have Kongs they can be filled with peanut butter and treats and given to your him/ her to amuse them until thier next potty break.

Cats can have lots of snuggles,play time, brushing, and be fed, watered and have their kitty litter changed.

Horses can be fed, watered and medicated with an option for stall cleaning and exercise added.

Reptiles, rabbits, fish, mice etc are all welcome!

House Care 

Your house can look occupied while your out of town with house calls to check the mail, pick up the newspaper, tracks in the driveway and walkways, and rotate lights on and off, as well as water plants and take garbage out to the curb. ( These services are included with the pet sitting service ) You can even come home to a clean house with our House Cleaning Services

 Pet Sitting and House Care Rates

 $20  per house call for Eagle River residents
$15 for house care only (plant care, mail pick up, security check)

 ( Thanksgiving and Christmas Day is $20 extra per House Call )



  Dog Adventures and Dog Park Trips

Dogs can be let out to potty during the day while you are at work, and taken for an adventure so you can come home to calm satisfied dogs.

I take dogs who are under voice control out for hiking, snowshoeing, and skiing adventures, and on dog park trips.

These adventures are a minimum of an hour long but sometimes we are out for several hours at no extra charge to you.

Dogs can run and play, swim and fetch, chase each other around and be free to get as much exercise as possible making them tired and more well behaved. Most behavior problems can be solved just by exercise. Once dogs are calmed down by exercise then they can focus easier on training. I concentrate on  exercise and adventure for dogs but I also provide training at no extra charge by daily reinforcing sit, stay, come, down, heel, leave it, as well as reinforcing calm manners in the house and car and on a leash. I can also provide tips and advice for training at home for my clients.

Introducing New Dogs to the Routine and Pack

I only take out dogs for off leash adventures who come when called and who get along well with other dogs ( and people!) I start a new dog off with going on a trail with my two dogs who always come when called and who heel without fail. The new dog tends to do whatever my dogs do therefore forming a pack.I sometimes start out with the new dog on a retractible leash and reward them with treats when they come when called. Once they come when called reliably and form a bond and a pack with me and my dogs then I start going into dog parks and off leash trails.

 Pack training is very useful. I have dogs who now heel, sit and stay and walk nicely on leash without previous training because they do as the pack does. If 3 other dogs heel and get treats then the new dog will want to as well. I usually take out groups of 3-5 dogs.

Dogs form friendships and look forward to seeing their friends and being able to run and play. I provide balls and frisbees for them to play with as well. I use biodegradable poop scooping bags and treat each dog with love and kindness as if they were my own. Dogs are provided with treats, water, and dog tags, and are dried off when they return home. Each trip is tailored to each dogs energy level and needs. If dogs are old or small they can go on slow sniff everything walks, if they are high energy and in shape they go with dogs of similar speed and ability and really tear it up!

 $25 Per Hour
 Multiple Dog Discounts! Each additional dog is only $15








 Pet Friendly House Cleaning

~We can clean your house from top to bottom and corner to corner and are not afraid of big barking dogs or alot of pet hair. We can make sure that pets do not get into the cleaning supplies or escape out the door.

Dogs can get a complementary potty break as well.

We can clean weekly and bi-weekly as well as do one time deep cleans.

Cleaning is done by the job and not the hour as there are usually two people cleaning getting twice as much done.

For more detailed information about cleaning go to the Cleaning Info and Rates tab.


I can come give you a free estimate but a general rule of thumb is:

 Cleaning Special, 2 bathrooms and the kitchen cleaned to perfection for $75

Perfect for those who dont need a full house cleaning and polishing but who just need a little help

 Small houses  ( generally 1 story 1 bathroom houses or apartments ) 

 $125 per house cleaning. 

 Medium houses ( generally 2 story and 2 or 3 bathrooms ) 

 $150 per  house cleaning.

 Large houses ( generally 3 story 3+ bathrooms)

 $175 per house cleaning.



Move Out Cleaning and Pre Move in Cleaning

Heavy duty cleaning, top to bottom corner to corner, behind the refrigerator and inside of it, inside of the oven, behind and inside appliances, walls are washed, inside of windows are washed. Every nook and cranny!

Pre move in cleaning is the same as a move out clean but with special attention given to sanitizing your new home before you move in.

 Starts at $225




 If you are interested in any of these services call or Text Amee at 907-841-6927 for a free meeting

you can also contact me at

Remember, I am licensed and insured. Trust your home and pets to professional care!















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