Alaska Home and Pet Care

Cleaning Rates and Info

Your home will be cleaned from top to bottom and corner to corner, all the surfaces scrubbed and staines removed, everything dusted and polished and special attention given to sanitization to help prevent the spread of germs. We santize doorknobs, lightswitches, countertops and all high traffic areas. All the pet hair and dust in your home will be removed making for a healthier living space.

We can make your home look and feel fresh and clean!


I can come give you a free estimate but  a general rule of thumb for cleaning rates is listed below

Pricing is done by the job and not the hour as there are usually 2 people cleaning instead of one getting twice as much done in a shorter amount of time. 

House Cleaning General Rates - Call for a free meeting and estimate


Partial Cleaning Special. 2 Bathrooms and the kitchen cleaned to perfection and santized for $75. This is a good option for those who just need a little help and do not need their entire house cleaned.


 Small homes (1 level  1 bathroom ) $125 per weekly detailed cleaning
 Medium homes ( 2 levels 2+  bathrooms ) $150 per weekly detailed cleaning
 Large homes ( generaly 2+ levels 3+ bathrooms ) $175 per weekly detailed cleaning


Move Out Cleaning and Pre Move In Cleaning

Heavy duty cleaning, top to bottom and corner to corner, behind the refrigerator and inside of it, inside of the oven, behind and inside of the appliances, walls are washed, inside of the windows are washed.

 Every nook and cranny is cleaned so you can get back your security deposit and/or the house is ready to be shown to potential buyers.

Pre move in cleaning is the same as a move out clean but with special attention given to sanitizing your new home before you move in


 Starts at $225