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Quotes Look no further for a pet sitter! .............. Amee is the best! We knew our pets were in great hands so we were able to have fun and really enjoy our vacation. It is hard to explain, but coming home after a two-week vacation, walking into the house was as if we had only been gone a very short time. Our pets, and the house, were calm, happy, and healthy. It was a wonderful feeling. Thanks Amee! Mark and Sherri Ford Quotes

Quotes This company is the finest! I will make recommedations to friends and everyone. Amee followed the time schedule without fail, our dogs love her. She communicated with us frequently about the dogs and therefore created a more relaxed trip for us. We hated to leave the dogs behind, but Amee is so good that she put us at ease on our vacation. Quotes
sue zajac

Quotes Amee has watched my house and taken care of my dogs, cats and horses several times over the past several years. She has always done an outstanding job of keeping my house from freezing and my animals from starving. I trust her with all I own. She is good with animals and treats you house like it is her own. Amee has always been a great friend to me, my animals and my home. Quotes
Kurt Monger

Quotes We just moved in to our first house. Amee and her crew did an excellent job making it super clean! Thanks so much! Quotes
Anna & John

Quotes Amee is the best! My dog Hurley likes her a little better than she likes me. I love knowing my home and pets are cared for and I trust the care without question. Quotes
Diane Dunham
What a great find!

Quotes My husband and I were concerned to leave our dear family member, Mojo, while we took an extended weekend. Amee did a great job in checking on him and giving him the loving care he needed. I won't worry about him again, if he is in Amee's care. Thank you, Amee! Quotes
Jill Reese
Satisfied Customer

Quotes I cannot tell you how at ease I feel when my pets are taken car of by Amee. Every single dog I've ever seen her with has felt extremely comfortable. She actually adopted a foster puppy from me, and I was so happy knowing that he was going to die of old age in her arms - she devotes her life to making sure her dogs are taken care of - and treats YOUR dogs as her own. My dogs not only jump for joy when they see her, but listen to her as well as me. Amee has the perfect attitude and energy to make any dog balanced. I wouldn't go to anyone else. Quotes
Andrea Meadows
Lifetime customer

Quotes Amee is one of the few people I ever trust to take care of my pets when I travel. My home, cats, dogs, and horses are always in good hands with her. I especially like that she takes my dogs out for long walks, they love her and don't even seem to miss me! She has so much experienced with horses I know not to worry. I feel extremely confident recommending her, as I have used her for eight years. Quotes
Kim Snedeker

Quotes There are people who love animals, and then there are people like Amee who possess a natural gift with animals and know how to communicate and care for them in a very authentic way. You pet will not only have a great time in her care, but it will come home content and happy to have been understood by a truly gifted "whisperer"! Quotes
Naomi Hooley
Gifted with Animals..