Alaska Home and Pet Care

About Me

My name is Amee and I have 3 large dogs of my own that I take to skiijour, hike, bike, and climb mountains and they are always ready to play outside. Im dedicated to making sure they get out to have a good time. They can get very rambunctious if they dont exercise. My youngest Cole would chew up anything he could find as a puppy if I didnt keep him exercised and focused. I see people all the time struggling with their puppys and even adult dogs with behavior problems and a very simple solution is just exercise. 

I love to help people and animals and its very rewarding for me to offer this service. I have many years of experience with training dogs and horses and with dog sitting, house sitting and professional house cleaning 

Here is a picture of me and my pack as well as a few other pictures

Gumbo is the oldest he is a Border Collie / Catahula mix 

Chavez is a middle aged Norwegian Elk Hound/ Red Doberman Mix

Cole is a young pup of 2 years a Lab/ Husky mix

Another picture of Gumbo

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Alpine, my first client back in 2006

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My Cole